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monta pack 481F
Hârtie Cauciuc natural

Technical Data Sheet 11/2016


monta pack 481F is an adhesive tape for multiple applications and ensures the permanent closure of medium heavy cartons. It is easy to unwind and suitable for the application with tape dispensers and packaging machines. The tape is tearable by hand. Because of its natural look, paper tape can be an alternative for tapes with plastic backing especially when a homogeneous packaging is required.Propertieshigh adhesionmoisture- and weather-prooftemperature resistant: after application at room temperature up to approx. 60°C short termsilicone freprintabletearable by handsuitable for recycling processesTechnical Data | Unit |Base | | silicon-free paperAdhesive | | natural rubberBreaking Load | N/25mm
 N/cm | minimum 77
 minimum 31Thickness | mm | 0.110 ±10%Adhesion Strength on Steel | cN/25 mm
 N/cm | 400 ±150
 1.6 ±0.6Colour | | whiteCore Diameter | mm | 76Please note that all information is based on manufacturer's data. We therefore recommend testing the suitability of the self-adhesive tape for the designated application or use.